Friday, November 19, 2010

So, about this whole "pin-up" thing...

Ever since proofs from the calendar shoot started leaking out to the public, people have been asking me lots of questions about how the it all happened--how we were photographed, how our makeup and hair was done, how we came up with the concepts for each picture, etc. It seems nothing captures the imagination quite the way that retro pin-up does.

If that's true for you, too, then you need to come to Atomic Books on Friday, December 10, at 7:00pm, for...

How I Discovered Retro Glamour Photography and Learned to Love Pastie Glue with Mike Lee

Trixie Little and Evil Hate Monkey captured in action by Photographer Mike Lee
Mike will present a slideshow of his retro portfolio (including some of his fun and gorgeous work with the amazing Trixie Little) and some behind-the-scenes shots of the making of Team Atomic's Pin-Up calendar.
  • Q&A with Mike for photography tips and tricks!
  • Team Atomic Bombshell calendars on sale with Team Atomic pin-up models on hand to autograph your copy! 
  • Refreshing beverages, the new issue of Retro Lovely magazine, and other Pin-Up goodies!
Don't miss out! Atomic Books is at 3620 Falls Road in Baltimore, MD.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hitting the Streets

Team Atomic pinup calendars are making their way into local stores! 

Our beloved Joe Traill of Joe' Bike Shop takes delivery of an armload of luscious.
Come to Joe's Bike Shop, Atomic Books, Kiss-n-Makeup, or DoubleDutch Boutique right now to pick up a calendar (or two or three) in person. Coming soon to more stores...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Box of Beautiful

The calendars arrived from the printer today and they look fantastic!

They'll hit local stores this weekend. And if you ordered online, your order will be shipped out by this Friday, so check your mailbox next week for a little something extra to be thankful for!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

You're number 2!

Throughout the process of making this calendar--taking from impulsive idea tossed out over drinks to photographer and styling team recruitment to shot list scheming and costuming to OMG I'm in my underwear in front of a camera to proof selection, design, and layout--we were constantly asking ourselves, "Will people actually buy it? Of course they will...won't they?"

Today the answer was revealed to be Yes! We received our first pre-order! (And it's not even from a family member...I don't think...) Whether you're an old fan or a new friend, Person from Texas, thank you. Thank you not only for your donation (enough to feed a client for a week, FYI), but for reinforcing our confidence that this project will do as we hoped--help a lot of people in need.

So how about you? Are you ready to join Team Atomic and Person from Texas and make someone's life a little brighter? Are you our second pre-order?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Looking good!

The Atomic Bombshells calendar has been photographed, designed, proofread, and is about to make its way to the printer. You can pre-order the calendar now, of course, over on the left there. But we're happy that the calendar will be ready in time for your holiday shopping! And who wouldn't be delighted to find this treat under their tree?

The team is so grateful to the sponsors who are making printing possible:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Behind the Scenes at the Team Atomic 2011 Pinup Calendar Photo Shoot

This weekend's photo shoot for the Team Atomic 2011 Pinup Calendar was, in one word, amazing. It never ceases to amaze me how lucky I have been to find such a generous, talented, fun, funny, and creative group of people, all of whom are willing to lend those considerable gifts to Moveable Feast. From the volunteers who set us up with coffee and snacks, to the hair stylists from NV Salon Collective and the makeup artists from Kiss-n-Makeup, to the mad photography skills of Mike Lee, to the staff of Moveable Feast and the owner of Atomic Books (who served as models), to my own beautiful, confident, wonderful teammates who spent a ride-perfect Sunday afternoon inside, in heels and fishnets, this project is proving to be a demonstration of the power of community.

Ready for her closeup thanks to NV Salon Collective, Kiss-n-Makeup, and her own natural loveliness!

Photographer Mike Lee captures the sassiest bike mechanic ever

Picnic pinups stretch their necks between takes--and try not to drink all the champagne!
To those directly involved, thank you; to the rest of you, get ready for some Atomic Bombshells!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prepping for the calendar photo shoot

Team jersey? Check.
Garter belt? Check.
False eyelashes? Check.

Just like the pros...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Feed, fight, foster...fantasize!

Team Atomic is always looking for new ways to raise funds for Moveable Feast while having a good time and entertaining the people. This year, we've come up with our sassiest idea yet: the 2011 Cycling Pinup Calendar

The calendar features the members of Team Atomic in classic pinup poses, each with a cycling theme, such as:

... Thirsty cyclist? Luckily there's a pinup on hand to fill his water bottle--with champagne! 
... Broken -down cyclist? Happily there's a pinup with a full set of tools to get him going again!
...And many more classic pinup poses!

The calendar will be shipped in time for holiday gift-giving. What better way to show your friends and family that they are loved than with cute cyclists baring it all (or, well, some of it...) for charity? Team Atomic is donating 100% of the purchase price (minus shipping costs) to Moveable Feast. Local merchants will be helping us sell the calendar (details are still being worked out), or you can order it online here! Pre-orders are being accepted now. Use the link in the left column of this site to place your order!

Sharing the Bliss

Team Atomic's captain, Britney Gears, loves DZ Bliss chamois lube. Here she is sporting the awesome Bliss tee she won in DZ Nuts Labs's recent Facebook contest.  Love you all at DZ Nuts Labs!